InSyBio qualifies to InnoSTARS semifinals and travels to China to compete for Chinese investments and strategic partners.

AUSTIN, TEXAS – After Restream, InSyBio is the second local startup with very innovative technology, which has been nominated as semi-finalist in the 2017 InnoSTARS Competition and will soon be traveling to China for the semi-final phase. InSyBio will be pitching some prominent Chinese investors with a chance to receive funding, strategic partners and exposure to one of the most coveted markets in the world.

InSyBio, which has qualified in the Biotechnology and Healthcare category, is an innovative global bioinformatics company focusing, through advanced biological big-data computational tools, on biomarkers discovery for Cancer, Neurodegenerative diseases and Nutrition, addressing the ever increasing needs for drug discovery and research acceleration in Pharmaceutical and Nutrition Organizations.

The 2017 InnoSTARS Competition is a platform that connects U.S.-based innovators and companies with Chinese investors, corporates, and strategic partners. The goal of the Competition is to provide U.S.-based innovative technology companies with resources to enter the Chinese market. Hosted by the US China Innovation Alliance (UCIA), China Science and Technology Exchange Center (CSTEC), China Association for International Science and Technology Cooperation (CAISTC), and supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of People’s Republic of China (MOST), the competition aims to provide U.S.-based innovators and companies a better understanding of the opportunities available to companies interested in doing business in China as well as interfacing directly with qualified Chinese partners and investors.

International Accelerator founder and CEO, Angelos Angelou, was very optimistic about both companies succeeding in the later stages of the InnoSTARS competition: ‘We are very proud of the success our portfolio companies have had in this competition. Out of nearly 100 companies that pitched, very few companies were selected and 2 of them, InSyBio and Restream, were the International Accelerator’s portfolio companies.  We are simply thrilled!

InSyBio’s CEO, Labros Digonis, said about InSybio’s venture to China: ‘We have put our minds and hearts into InSyBio and created revolutionary technologies and products which could have impact on and make people’s lives safer. We will be extremely honored and grateful to be able to have a strategic partnership in China to make InSyBio’s technology available in Chinese clinical research, Hospitals and Pharma or Food/Nutrition Companies. The Innostars opportunity is important for us‘.

For more information, contact:

Angelos Angelou, CEO, International Accelerator;;

Labros Digonis, CEO, InSyBio;

About InSyBio. InSyBio is a privately held, global bioinformatics company ( focusing, through advanced biological big-data computational tools, on biomarkers discovery for Cancer, Neurodegenerative diseases and Nutrition. Biomarker extraction from biological big data (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, etc.) is essential for drug discovery & research acceleration, personalized medicine and Nutrition. InSyBio’s patented breakthrough technology offers unique inside path to an integrated end-to-end accurate biomarker discovery process, simultaneous integration of data from different sources and types and has demonstrated ability to locate significantly more common proteins in large scale proteomics datasets. At InSyBio, the team is passionate about supporting customers to minimize their efforts, as they design and develop new drugs, therapeutic and diagnostic methods.

About International Accelerator. The International Accelerator is the only U.S. accelerator focused solely on investing in companies with non-U.S. citizen founders. IA provides access to seed funding, quality mentors, and services foreign-born entrepreneurs need to scale up their businesses in the United States. The International Accelerator is more than an accelerator program. It is a trusted co-founder for stateside ventures and dedicated to helping non-U.S. citizen entrepreneurs set up their U.S. company, give it an “American look and feel,” and lay a sturdy foundation to build a global business. The experienced team leverages years of international business, design, and entrepreneurial expertise, as well as access to industry experts, active investors and potential customers. At IA, the goal is to bring startups in and send them out with impressive products and the capability to stand on their own feet. Being entrepreneurs themselves, they clearly know the hardships and worries of the startup process. Apart from money, IA is always available to give the help customized for the founder, so they can focus on their product and developing their vision for the company.


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